​​How do we work together?

Email me below and I will contact you.

Please be prepared to provide me with

sample of your writing and a brief

narrative of what you want to write.

This will enable me to know what you 

expect from me and if I can help you.

[1]  I purloined and paraphrased this passage from William Shakespeare's Hamlet [Act III, Scene I ,

      'To be,  or not to be'] to emphasize my conviction that our creative writing and our stories are 

       products of our personal life experiences and are expressed in our dreams and nightmares.

[2]  Beman, Donald Knight. Physics of Writing...Dream-Writing...Chaos to Creativity 3rd Edition.

       2020. Wordshop Publications, Physics of Writing Inc. 

​Donald K. Beman Ph.D.

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 Physics of Writing Inc.

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How Do You Begin Dream-Writing?

​​​​Read. Then 'Sleep, perchance, to dream.

Ay, there’s the rub!
For in that sleep, what

creative dreams may come'. [1] [2]