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What is Interdisciplinarity and Why is it Important?

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During five decades of Writing for my Supper, [1]  I discovered that the first step in writing about any subject, topic or issue is to read across the disciplines, for example science, literature, engineering and art, and not read books about How to Write.

   In so doing, we will acquire 'genuine knowledge' by engaging in genuine learning. [2]

And that genuine knowledge involves learning how to write by example, from

reading across the disciplines, and not by reading books about how to write.

What do I mean, when I urge you to read across the disciplines?

 Simply put, in order to be informed, to be reasonably knowledgeable on the subject, topic or issue we are writing about, we must read across the disciplines. In
so doing,

we will have something substantive, meaningful and of lasting value to write about. [3]

What, exactly, is 'interdisciplinarity'?

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