​​​​The Above-Noted Texts Offer Selected Examples of my Business and Professional Research, Writing and Publishing for: Policy

and Procedure Manuals;  To Hell and Back; Management Consulting; Market Research; Training; Corporate Development; Investment

[e.g. SEC 'Regulation A' Documentation]; 1Aproposal; 2Aproposal1phd2ma3ba; Contracts;Technology; Litigation; Novels; Stage and Screenplays.​

                 The numbers on selected BUTTONS [e.g. 55,000E] represent approximate revenue [R] or expenses [E], in 2016 dollars, associated with the referenced project e.g. subject- or topic-                  driven research; client interview time; preliminary 'draft' writing; editing; final rewriting. But not the time managing the implementation of the recommendations and staff training.​

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As you check out this sampling of my 'Writing for My Supper', which will be updated as I verify my copyright interest in my For-Hire writing,

I urge you to consider that the literal ... physical ... writing activity is the proverbial 'tip of the iceberg'. The major share of a writer's efforts

is the often mind-numbing research process --- acquiring genuine knowledge --- which feeds and fuels our natural Dream-Writing process. 

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Selected Examples of my Business and For-Hire Research and Writing