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Judith Dead Love Resurrection!

['Narrative' Feature-Length Screenplay]

Fictional characters are easy for novelist Sean MacDonald to write about: he gives them life with a few dozen keystrokes and takes it away just as easily, all without a second thought.

But  is former lover, Judith, thought to have died years ago is a different story, one that she is now determined to write the ending to and collect on Sean's youthful unpaid promise of eternal love.

When Judith slips into the body of Sean's fiance', to relive, to feel and to steal her every intimate moment with Sean ... every fantasy, every lustful touch and taste, every orgasm ... in an effort to lure Sean back to her, then kill Pamela, we are witness to a savage psycho-sexual life-or-death battle between two powerful women, one who is of this world and one who is not, that will leave you rethinking who you sleep with and what promises you make in the heat of passion, for...

'Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned'.

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Tartan and Steel

['Narrative' Feature-Length Screenplay]

​​In a fierce and bloody battle across time and over the Scottish Highlands, a battle of wits and swordsmanship, woman against man --- Tartan and Steel --- Dr. Caithlin 'Cate' Sutherland, historian, scholar of British history, and author of Mary Queen of Scots : A Woman's View, will avenge the murder of her husband, her own savage beating when she came to his aid ---  a beating that took the life of her unborn son --- and in so doing accomplish what no man had been able to do in 300 years, though many brave Highlanders had tried: lift the wrongful curse placed on the House of MacDonald at the Massacre of Glencoe, 13 February 1692, by a Saxon Sorcerer, restore Clan MacDonald to it's rightful seat at the Circle of the Immortals, and free a mysterious Highlander from his prison in the Edge of the Wind, to find love and a new life in the Scottish Highlands.

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​​The Girl Who Slept Through Christmas
[Stage and MOW Screenplay]

A Magical and Mythical Celtic twist of the Fabled
tale of Santa Claus and The Night before Christmas.

A heartbroken and headstrong 12-year‑old facing her first Christmas Eve without her beloved grandfather. A stolen bowl of forbidden brandy-laced 'hard sauce' for the Christmas Pudding. A missing granddaughter. Evidence of a struggle in the bloodstained snow at the foot of the back porch steps. A magical and mystical dream of a grandfather's return from The Other Side of the Wind. And the discovery under the Christmas tree of a solid-gold kilt pin cast in the shape of a thistle, all combine to turn Christmas Eve at grandmother's house upside down and put a magical and mythical Celtic twist on the fabled tale of  Santa Claus and ...

The Night before Christmas.​

This Script is Available for Optioning