Physics of Writing
(Abbreviated Abstract)

Creativity and writing behave as if they were mimetic natural interdisciplinary dynamical

systems, including their respective attendant natural dynamic systemic processes of the mind.
Therefore, writing, for example, is not governed by artefactual disciplinary constructs, e.g.

'composition theory', but is instead an independent Natural Interdisciplinary Dynamic System

['NIDS'], writing per se, governed by the fundamental natural principles and laws of physics. [1]


This website presents numerous examples of the practical application of the Physics of Writing

theory, specifically, the interactive systemic processes of the unconscious [mind], creativity,

and writing. The objective is to demonstrate that writing is Natural Interdisciplinary Dynamic

Systemic process ... writing per se ... therefore, governed by the natural laws of physics and

not by artefactual discipline-driven constructs, for example [English] 'composition theory'.

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WARP 1  Introduction to the Physics of Writing​​​​

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                                    (pp 463-483). WordShop Publications. Physics of Writing Inc.​​​ 

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