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'HoloDeck of Our Mind'?


'Have you lost your mind'?


'Care to explain exactly what you are talking about'?

My pleasure. Think of the unconscious as the Energizer Bunny    of our mind:

it works 24/7, receiving, filtering, sorting, organizing, associating and storing

the virtually infinite number of sensory impressions we experience every day,

for subsequent retrieval ... and for the most part unconsciously ... to spark and fuel our powerful Natural Intuitive Creative Potential.

'Sounds too simple. And writing is not simple, at least not for me.

And just what have you written ... some book about how to write.

Any novels, short stories, screenplays? You know, things that were

published and you earned money from. Or are you some academic

type, telling everyone how write and getting paid to do it, but 

not actually writing and publishing a real book, like a novel?

Hmmmm ... perhaps the best way to respond to your legitimate

concerns is for you to surf my website, check-out my commercially

published top-selling novels, stage and screenplays, extensive for-hire

commercial and business writing, and my current work-in-progress.

Then let's talk again. 

'Okay. But you better be legit.

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