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​​What does the HoloDeck from Star Trek    ​ have to do with creativity and writing?

The HoloDeck enables users to [re]create an imaginary environment and revisit  recollected dreams and fantasies [http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Holodeck].

How does this relate to our unconscious, dreaming, creativity and writing?

Think of the unconscious as the Energizer Bunny    of our mind. It works 24/7,

receiving, filtering, sorting, organizing, associating and storing the virtually

infinite number of sensory impressions we experience every day for subsequent

retrieval, and for the most part unconsciously, during our waking and waking-up

state of mind, to spark and fuel our powerful Natural Intuitive Creative Potential.

How do you begin?

  The first step is learning to be patient with yourself as you struggle to
re-learn what we all once did ... naturally, intuitively ... Dream-Writing.

The second step is learning how to 'turn off' your brain and 'turn on' your mind.

The next logical step involves acquiring 'genuine knowledge' by reading beyond the
'protectionist disciplinary walls' constructed by the 'academy'. And reading on both

both sides - pro and con - of a given subject, topic or issue. In so doing, you will not

only acquire a balanced knowledge of the subject, you will also learn far more about

writing by example and how to write, than if you read process-driven 'composition

textbooks' or sign-up for any of the 'flavor of the year' career-related writing courses.

For an introduction to the Physics of Writing and Dream-Writing,

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