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Physics of Writing...Dream-Writing...Chaos to Creativity

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Dream-Writing ... HoloDeck of Our Mind

​​​​​​​​What does the HoloDeck in Star Trek​  have to do with writing and creativity?

The HoloDeck enabled users to create and act out dream fantasies and

to revisit and resume and/or resolve recollected dreams or nightmares.


How does this relate to your creativity and writing?

 Think of the 'unconscious'[1] as the Energizer Bunny​  of our mind.
 In reality, your unconscious works 24/7: receiving, filtering, sorting,
organizing, associating and storing the infinite number of sensory
                                         impressions you experience every day for subsequent retrieval, and                                           for the most part unconsciously, to spark and fuel your powerful
   Natural Intuitive Creative Potential.