CYBORG MATRIX wordshops are designed and built to address your perceived needs and objectives,

using the same staged learning dynamic as The Literature Equation, specifically, novice, apprentice,

journeyman and master. To get started, email and share with me what you want to accomplish.


We acknowledge and honor Dr. Theresa M. Ranne (1941-2012) for her vision, scholarship and uncompromising commitment to excellence in the education and 'practical preparation' of the nurses fortunate to have learned their profession under Dr. Ranne's 20-plus year stewardship of the SUNY Erie Community College [three campus] nursing program. A nursing program 'second to none', which Terry and her dedicated team of nursing educators, practicing professionals and support staff were responsible for developing, expanding and sustaining.

  We especially acknowledge Terry for her belief in and commitment to the development of the


  an innovative state-of-the-art 'Creative Interdisciplinary Learning and Writing Environment'.
Donald Knight Beman, Ph.D.
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​​​​Synergy of Science, Literature, Engineering and Art©

CYBORG MATRIX® WordShop is based on the synergetic dynamic of science, literature, engineering and art. Synergy, or synergism from the Greek sunergos meaning working together, is the interaction of

multiple agents ['dynamic systems'] so their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. This theory may be traced back ≈2,300 years to Aristotle's Metaphysics.

The '
MATRIX' involves an interdisciplinary learning↔writing challenge that draws on literature and film

for its metaphorical, philosophical and learning dynamic construct. For example: [1] Frankensteinor

The Modern Prometheus (novel and film); [2Metropolis (novel and film); [3] Star Trek - First Contact (film); [4] the android DATA, the BORG​ and the BORG QUEEN in Star-Trek - First Contact, to illustrate the potential benefits and possible consequences associated with the science, technology and application of

'cybernetics'; and [5] the art and craft of film-making, to demonstrate the interdisciplinary collaboration

that is possible between science, literature, engineering and art when 'creating' a feature-length film.​​

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