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​​​​Artist's Drawing of a Black Hole (Cygnus X-1) / NASA, CXC, M.Weiss (http://chandra.harvard.edu/photo/2011/cygx1/cygx1_ill.jpg).

Creativity  BLACK HOLE  Phenomenon

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​​​What is a 'Black Hole' in Physics-Speak?

'The warped space-time remaining after the gravity of a massive body has
caused it to shrink down to a point. It is a region of empty space with a
point-like 'singularity' at the centre and an event horizon at the outer edge.
It is so dense that no normal matter or radiation can escape its gravitational
field, so that nothing, not even light, can ever leave (hence its 'blackness'). It
is thought that most galaxies have a supermassive black hole at their heart'.

What Does a 'Black Hole' Have to Do with Writing and Creativity?

As part of my research, I secured a faculty position at a HBCU, intent upon
expanding my knowledge, while testing a core hypothesis of my evolving theory
of the Physics of Writing...Dream-Writing...Chaos to Creativity, specifically:

'African-American students possess a greater natural intuitive
potential for creativity and writing, due in part to their learned
play with language, than their white suburban counterparts'.

                                                                          This natural creative phenomenon is not recognized                                                                             and nurtured by 'traditional' English Department faculty.

 Always the metaphorian, I have labeled this dynamic the.....

Creativity BLACK HOLE Phenomenon

While my observations and findings are, admittedly, qualitative, they are nonetheless based on

40-plus years of experience in business, management consulting, freelance writing, and 10-plus years

  ​​developing and delivering innovative writing courses for the 'literal' and 'virtual' college classroom.​