​​​​​These are the Voyages of the​​

Its continuing mission:

To explore strange methods of writing.

To seek out and reprogram or vaporize failed
 'modern methods of instruction' for writing.

To boldly go where few have dared but many dreamed of. To
Wake Up! the powerful Natural Intuitive Creative Potential
                  of your 'unconscious'
[2] and begin Dream-Writing, naturally,                   turning the chaos in your mind into creativity and success. [3]


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These are the Voyages of the​ Starship Wordsmith. Its mission

to vaporize failed 'modern methods of instruction' for writing.

[1]  Adler, M. J. (n.d.). "Teaching, Learning, and Their Counterfeits." In The Great Ideas Online. Center for the Study of the Great Ideas.​                         ​ ​​​M. Weismann, Editor. [https://bit.ly/2E9OpXg]

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